Mon, 20November, 2006

Human Thoughts…

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Who is responsible for our planet’s health? It’s us, the humans. If we are sick, also the planet is. And we ARE sick! Just have a look at us. We don’t love each other, in contrary we hurt each other. Theoretically everyone wants to help people which need some, but the truth is that we are all trying to help ourselfs and once we get what we need, others doesn’t seem to interest us so much any longer. Egoism (in it’s bad form) rises from day to day.
Of course! We ALL know why…
Money, for example… It’s a word which stands for several things. Each human needs it…, …but for totally different reasons. The reasons are the stage where our form and dosis of egoism is defined. Somebody for example who needs the money just to cover his survival needs like food and rent etc never would get greedy because Cash is not the number one priority for him to be happy. Health, Love, Friendship would come first. So we don’t forget to work hard on ourselvs. …before we do on others…
Thats all for now. Just let me know your opinion on this.


  1. Humans are social beings, too (everybody).

    Try not to be afraid of others…and try to get rid of those ‘affluent society prejudices’ before they hit on u – u
    might get intolerant and greedy.

    Comment by MCB — Mon, 20November, 2006 @ 18 47

  2. Jokin’…. right?

    Comment by kostafari — Mon, 20November, 2006 @ 22 18

  3. Serious.

    Comment by MCB — Tue, 21November, 2006 @ 09 35

  4. lalalalalalalala

    Comment by minifer — Thu, 23November, 2006 @ 18 04

  5. I guess you are right: Egoism, aggression and hedonism are on the rise. We consider our fellow (wo)man our enemy and let things come
    between us. But how can we overcome this situation in a society which is based on competition? On social exclusion and

    Comment by poor dog — Fri, 24November, 2006 @ 09 08

  6. vor allem gute laune…

    Comment by minifer — Fri, 24November, 2006 @ 21 16

  7. with all due respect, i would like to suggest a path of thought, that could, in all its insufficiency, temporally wrap up all comments under a common line.
    nobody can deny, that phenomenons like biosphere are concepts recenty recieved, if not invented. just half a century ago we possibly could not imagine a shortage of ressources, a world wide endangering of the planet. this concepts need time to overcome the much older habitude of growing, spending, of evolving materially.
    even concepts as egoism, war, competition were, for the longest period of human civilisation, positiv ones and cannot be abolished in no time, maybe even not in a lifetime.
    as sad as this thought seems, it is true, that generally we were thrown in an unknown world, equipped only with a slightly more sophisticated body and mind as animals have. all, and it can well be repeated: All that we know, we had to learn by ourselves, with this halfwitty, small primat bodybrain. we could even add that we never learn as individuals but inside and as a part of a social body. cognitally we act always a multitude. and now look at our civilisations for the time being: they were neither much of a developpement, nor sophisticated. as is our wisdom. but we try. some even try hard.

    Comment by lancer — Fri, 15December, 2006 @ 00 47

  8. These are Facts and I guess you are right somehow.
    But on the other hand we shouldn’t try to excuse our behaviour. Not much intelligence is needed to be JUST Human…
    I agree. Its a hard and long way (takes often a lifetime) to realize that all the experiences and wisdom we collect on the way lead us in the end finally always to the same conclusion, discovery, realization, enlightment or however one wants to name it. And that will be, that the most important tools were given to us by nature from the very begining and they are right within us. Like you said, we didnt get any handlig insructions or booklets for these “tools” and their use, so we created the society cause we are “social beings” and CANT live alone – we need each other (:-)). At he moment we are at the point where the ruling (business,-money,-power-)part (Babylon System)of this society defines every human’s (social) “Status”. And because people like the convenience (maybe thinking its the meaning of life) and they find it (or a tiny part of it) in this society in a form of social and health care they feel safe and so the obay to the rules….
    But these rules have side effects. Competition, Jealousy, Greed, Mistrust, Disrespect and a primitive egoistic survival instinct.
    I believe , if every person from the WESTERN world would live at least for once in his lifetime in a third world country for a while and experience life in a totally different way (and not in an All Inclusive club), that would be already one tiny step to a Human planet.
    Example: I was positivly amazed how some people were moved and concerned when the last big tsunami stroke in south asia. Some of them are STILL there. Their live has changed. They realized what its about, how precious it is and that we cant take it for granted. Now they gonna be messengers for life to other people.
    Xmas time is close and we shouldnt make materialistic presents each other. We don Need them. Give the money to people which need a doctor and cant afford it or need to eat food to survive.
    The highest pleasure every Human can have, is to get the chance to help somebody which needs it.

    Comment by kostafari — Fri, 15December, 2006 @ 03 49

  9. there is an interessting diskussion avaiable in the net via videostream:,1872,3991508,00.html

    Das Philosophische Quartett

    Weltproblem Radikalismus

    Das Drama der Bevölkerungsexplosion

    Weltproblem Radikalismus: Seit der Publikation von Samuel Huntingtons umstrittener Epochendiagnose vom “Kampf der Kulturen” ist das Denken der Soziologen von der Annahme beherrscht, mit dem Zusammenbruch des sowjetischen Imperiums entstehe eine neue Konfliktlandschaft, die nicht länger mehr durch den Ost-West-Gegensatz, sondern von kulturellen und religiösen Gegensätzen bestimmt wird.

    let me know, what U think about it…

    Comment by lancer — Sat, 16December, 2006 @ 18 13

  10. verweise übrigens auch auf den beitrag der assoziierten:

    über eine andere sendung des Philosophischen Quartetts

    Comment by lancer — Sat, 16December, 2006 @ 18 54

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