Tue, 28November, 2006

in da gumpinger…

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Sat, 25November, 2006


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mousepatch 1.06

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Mon, 20November, 2006

Human Thoughts…

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Who is responsible for our planet’s health? It’s us, the humans. If we are sick, also the planet is. And we ARE sick! Just have a look at us. We don’t love each other, in contrary we hurt each other. Theoretically everyone wants to help people which need some, but the truth is that we are all trying to help ourselfs and once we get what we need, others doesn’t seem to interest us so much any longer. Egoism (in it’s bad form) rises from day to day.
Of course! We ALL know why…
Money, for example… It’s a word which stands for several things. Each human needs it…, …but for totally different reasons. The reasons are the stage where our form and dosis of egoism is defined. Somebody for example who needs the money just to cover his survival needs like food and rent etc never would get greedy because Cash is not the number one priority for him to be happy. Health, Love, Friendship would come first. So we don’t forget to work hard on ourselvs. …before we do on others…
Thats all for now. Just let me know your opinion on this.

gumpi wetter

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Sony Ericsson 750i 2-megapixel zellen-kamera

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